The collection:
We wanted to offer variety but a truly bespoke product. This means our first collection is a limited edition, so when it’s sold out, it will be sold out. As a young company, we cannot tell you when or what the new collection will look like, but we are aiming for Spring!

Q: Are the wines truly made by Garmence?

A: Of course! Our bespoke wines are made by us and our partners. We have years of experience in the trade thanks to our founder background. We are involved in all aspects of the process with producer partners - everything from choosing the grapes to that final taste. Each of our wines comes from a blend, which means we choose wines from selected parcels to create that perfect balance.

Q: Do Garmence wines contain allergens?

A: Unless otherwise stated, all of our wines contain sulphites. Sulphites are in most wines as it provides a vital preservative that can be used before and after fermentation. Skilled winemakers will only use just the right amount of sulphur and the aim is that it is not tasted in the wine. European legislation restricts the amount that can be added to a wine. The fining process, which clarifies wine, is traditionally done using milk or egg proteins. Some winemakers use non-animal derived agents (bentonite, for example); others choose not to fine their wines at all. Albumin (egg white) or casein (milk protein) is often used in the fining process but in general, these substances will not be present in the finished wine. However, it is not possible to determine in what infinitesimal quantity these substances might remain in any finished bottle of wine, short of conducting a detailed chemical analysis of each bottle. In the interests of allowing our customers to make the most informed purchase possible - particularly those with allergies to dairy - unless otherwise stated, all Garmence wines contain egg or milk proteins.

Q: Do I need an account to place an order?

A: No you can choose to check out as a guest, but having an account allows you to keep track of your orders and register your address.

Q: How do I update my details?

A: Simply go to "my details" and click on edit.

Q: What do I do if I forget my password?

Under the log in, click on reset my password and follow the instructions.


Q:What are the delivery options ?

All the information is here Delivery information

Q: Can I change my delivery details after I passed my order?

If you realise you need to change your information for delivery, contact us as soon as possible to see if our logistic partner can amend your delivery information.

Q: What happens if I cannot be there to receive my delivery?

If you realise you won’t be able to be there to receive your wine rack during the hour you booked, please contact us at least 24hrs before your delivery booking quoting your order number. Thank you for not letting the delivery man in front of a closed door!

Q:Can you deliver outside of London?

Sorry for now we only deliver to greater London. That is a start and a way to make sure our service is spotless.


Q:How do I return or exchange?

 Please check our terms and conditions

Q:What do I do if I received a damaged wine?

 We do our best to deliver top quality wines in top conditions from juice to wine rack with quality control throughout the chain.

Unfortunately on very rare occasions, we might disappoint if a wine is corked (this depends on the cork even though we control to the maximum the quality of the ones we use) or a bottle damaged during the transport to your house.

If you feel that a bottle is corked please contact Garmence at quoting your order and sending a picture of the back label so we can check the lot number. Someone will contact you to process the issue.