The Bond girl of our grapes. She's got a twinkle in her eye and the ability to make the room fall silent with her crisp yet surprisingly fruity undertones. She's cool, calm and collected, and just sassy enough to make her so popular. Preferring cooler climates, She likes to keep things citrus, grassy, with hint of elderflower. #cool #sassy #crisp
Leading lady or best supporting actor, we never quite know what we will get from her. But somehow, we are never disappointed. Sometimes understated, other times bold and adventurous. She delights us with her flavours of rich plums and dark berries, and make things easy with smooth tannins. It is ultimately why we love her so much. #fruity #round #soft
Passionate and sexy, She is the dominated grape in central Italy. With her fiery personality, she delivers bold aromas of tart cherries, plums, tobacco and, of course, smoke. Serious yet charming, savoury and concentrated, its her appeal that keeps us hooked. #sexy #smoke #savoury
She is hard to describe because, let’s be honest, she has pretty much got it all. Alluring, rich and spicy, but always careful not to overpower - the secret agent of the wine world. Responsible for two of the world's more celebrated reds, Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Priorat - she has also found her way in northern Spain, where Garnacha vines are renowned for the voluptuous flesh they bring to Rioja. # rich #alluring #exuberant
Plan de Dieu and Rioja
Everyone loves a Drama Queen, and that is exactly what she is. She delivers a rich, indulgent, lavish taste punch that lasts and lasts. She demands heat to deliver the darkest full-bodied wines in the world, but can charm her way with aromas and flavours of black berries, violet and hints of liquorice. #Sweet #Spicy #Indulgent
Across the world she is loved, without anyone actually knowing who she is. She somehow manage to split opinion amongst the elite, and she occasionally throws a tantrum if she isn't looked after properly. Essentially though, it's her beautifully deep and intense personality that draws us in and makes her virtually irresistible. How do we know she is there? The rustic undertone and gamey flavours give it away. #rustic #gamey #deep
Plan de Dieu
Looking for the ultimate popular girl on the block? We’ve found it with Vermentino. She is laidback, chic and very easy to get on with. But… She isn't your typical white, more of a cool and chic wine which likes to cause a bit of a stir. It's the tropics in Autumn in a glass with you. How did we come up with that? It is inspired by her fresh aromas of delicate almond and pears, combined to juicy delicate pineapple flavours and aromas. #laidback #chic #floral
She is often overlooked because she doesn't hold celebrity status, but my, my, doesn’t she impress when she needs to! Her subtle yet fragrant personality is truly unique and she is certainly giving your more famous cousin - Cab Sauv - a run for her money. She grows mainly in the Bordeaux Right Bank, delivering fruity berries, herbaceous tones and smooth tannins. #fruity #herbaceous #mischievous
The life and soul of any party, everyone loves to be around her. Whoever said they don't like her deliciously soft, spritely fizz of fresh flowers and citrus fruits? No one! We just can't get enough of her. #party #fizz #soft
She is like marmite. People either love her or hate her. A social chameleon, she can adapt to any surroundings, and her character depends on where she is grown and how she is made. Strong and independent, a Queen Bee if ever we saw one. Transformed by oak to become a creamy buttery full-mouth, or fresh, clean and crisp. Citrus, apple, melon, peach, pineapple.... the list goes on and only proves how versatile she can really be. #elegant #independent #chic
Viré-Clessé and Champagne
There’s no denying that she is a bit of a diva. Fuzzy and demanding, but in the end she is SO worth it. A mysterious and complex soul, on the one hand elegant and delicate, and on the other, incredibly complex and rich. She is a core element of Champagne's blend, helping to keep the fizz and freshness alive. #complex #mysterious #elegant