Receive a box of 3 mixed bottles, monthly or fortnightly.

Choose the frequency


Choose the subscription length

3 Months
6 Months

Choose the first box you want to receive

Fortnightly: 3 months
Monthly: 3 months
Fortnightly: 6 months
Monthly: 6 months

Amount: £ 35.00 / Monthly

( + £ 8.50 for delivery)

Subscription details

You pick the first wine box you want to receive: Ménage à 3; Bunga Bunga; Dark knights; Fresh Flamingos; Clockwork white or be surprised by our Mystery box.


All the boxes contain our bespoke Garmence wines. It’s a fuss free refill and the best way for you to discover the whole range!

Each month or fortnight we pick the box you will receive, except if there is a wine you absolutely don’t want, in that case email us, at least 5 days before you receive your next box.

You can cancel anytime after an initial period of 3 months.


Included: Garmence booklet with the current collection, flavours and pairing for each wine, wine box that double as wine rack.


Monthly subscription: You will receive your Garmence wine box every 4 weeks from the first delivery date you picked at checkout on

Fortnightly subscription: You will receive your Garmence wine box every 2 weeks from first delivery date you picked at checkout on


You can change the delivery date on your account at anytime or by contacting us by phone (07 809 906 829) or on


By default for Londoners with time slot options, we will use your first timeslot option but will check with you 48hrs in advance to make sure you are in.


Find all the details of your subscription in “My account” section.

There you can modify/cancel any detail of your subscription.


What is a subscription?

We offer the option to set up an ongoing wine delivery.

Simply select your wine box of 3 mixed bottles you want to receive from our website to start the subscription, and choose how often you would like a wine box to be sent; fortnightly or monthly, during 3 months or 6 months.


How do I gift a subscription to someone?


You can book a subscription for someone else. Advise us in the comment section of the checkout it’s a gift, details of the recipient and from when we can contact them to set it up.


Is it possible to put on hold my subscription?


Of course, just send an email at, with your name, surname and the box you want to put on hold/receive later. At least 5 days before your expected next delivery.


How much does the delivery cost?


Delivery is 8.50£


Do you send a reminder before each delivery?


Yes, we will do our best to send you, as soon as possible an email to remind you when you are supposed to receive your next box.

If you know you won’t be in, please let us know as soon as possible to reschedule on .


What happens in case of failed delivery?


It’s quite rare and we will  always try to make sure you get your box even if you happen to be out. If not we will reschedule a delivery but you will be charged extra.


Order extra?


You would like to receive more wines punctually? Let us know and we will send you a code so you can order wines from the ‘Shop’ without paying delivery fee. We will send the full order together with your subscription box..


Any other question?  Email , try our online chat or call us on 07 809 906 829 and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.

About the box

Boxes options:

Ménage à 3:  1x Champagne, 1x Saint Emilion Grand Cru, 1 x Pouilly Fume


Dark Knights: 1x Cotes du Rhone Villages Plan de Dieu, 1x Utiel Requena, 1x Chianti Classico


Clockwork White: 1x Vermentino di Gallura, 1x Vire Clesse, 1x Pouilly Fume


Bunga Bunga: 1x Prosecco, 1x Chianti Classico, 1x Vermentino di Gallura


Fresh Flamingos: 2x Prosecco, 1x Cremant de Bordeaux