Rosé de Provence

Côtes de Provence - France

Grenache - Cinsault - Syrah

Elegant, Round, Citrusy

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Editors note

Key points:  

- Juice from the heart of Provence

- A balanced mix of citrus, exotic and white fruits

- A gastronomic fresh Rosé to be shared

How to pronounce it: Roh-say duh proh-vhans

Grapes: Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah

Vintage: 2015

Serving temperature: 10°-12°C - Low temperature 

Impress your guests: Contrary to one might think, Rosé is not a mix of red and white wine. A Rosé is made by lightly crushing red grapes and leaving them to macerate with their skins, what gives the Rosé this nice pink colour. 

So, still not; Rosé is not a mix of red and white!

The people behind

A summer without Rosé, is like a hot dog without sausage …very disappointing!! And that’s why we partnered with Caroline to develop our very own Garmence Rosé. Let’s us introduce you to Caroline, she is the fashion designer of Rosé de Provence, she elaborates « haute couture » Rosés. We met her through Sam a few years back (yes our partner for Cote du Rhone). We had a very precise idea of what Garmence Rose should be, zesty, elegant with a lot of personality. With Caroline,  we knew we would have access to the best quality wines to blend and create our very own version of Rose de Provence.

Origin of the wine

Top quality grapes are nestled at the footstep of the Sainte Victoire’s mountain in Provence. This cool place preserves the freshness of the grapes, which is utterly important to obtain fresh fruity wines yet not overly ripe.

The winemaking story

The grapes are harvested by night and pressed before the sunrise in order to keep the fruit as cold as possible. The skins are taken away as soon as pressed to keep the wine very fresh and light in color, as the color in wine comes from the skin. All the wines from this blend have been fermented in stainless steel VATs at controlled temperature. Freshness is priority for qualitative Rosé and to keep this pink light colour that we love!