March 1, 2017

Do you have a suspect on why are we this proud of promoting this year’s London Fashion Week?? Yes, it’s the celebration of top creativity, top minds, top skills and top materials. And, when all this is reunited and ferments, magic happens! 

Garmence promotes whatever is refined, made with top standards, unique, creative, with a contemporary twist.

That’s why the promotion of Joseph at this London Fashion Week came out so naturally. Joseph stands for high quality, uniqueness and timeless style, tailored for the contemporary life.

Here are some highlights about Louise Trotter, the creative mind behind Joseph. Inspirations, lifestyle and more…

- Since taking the creative helm in 2009, Louise Trotter has redefined Joseph and turned it into a go-to brand for luxurious, timeless, yet wearable designs.

How does Joseph answer to a need of quality and comfort required by a contemporary lifestyle?

Louise Trotter has this great approach to women’s fashion that really value both a woman’s aestheti...

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