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October 27, 2017

Wine scares people off. It can make people feel stupid, or at least very self-conscious. The cause ? Their perceived lack of knowledge.

But, is wine really something that needs to be studied before being enjoyed ?

For us, not really, so let’s poke fun to some rules we think it’s time to break.

 - Start with a light red wine and move to a white : what we are usually told is that when one were to taste a ton of reds and then switch to tasting whites, often there could be a build-up of tannins (that stuff that dries out your mouth) on the palate, therefore changing how the white wines might taste. But, since we’re not at a formal tasting, we can dare to trigger this rule. Try a few sips of white wine between heavy reds, it’s a great way to add a zip and awaken your palate a bit !

 - Have sparkling wine with your main course : There is a popular misconception that Champagne and Prosecco are only useful for raising a toast or washing down the canapés at a wedding. This time, try your...

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