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So, winter has officially taken over, and the night seems a perpetual condition. Straight- forward crave? Yes, a soft blanket, a comfy sofa, a best friend, a mind-blowing movie and, of course, a great glass of wine.

To satisfy your crave before being asked, we’ve prepared for you a list of 2016’s most worth watching movies to be paired with our wines. Seriously, how to be more spoiled??! :)

So, lay back, cover up and get ready to uncork!

Bridget Jones’ Baby – Viré-Clessé: Fresh, fruity and crisp, our Viré-Clessé is made so lovely and easy-going by its Chardonnay. Witty and fun, yet dominant and full of personality, Bridget Jones couldn’t be a better pair, and would guarantee a night of genuine pleasure and character. Shop your Viré-Clessé - Garmence Watch Bridget Jones' Baby - Amazon Video

Everybody wants some!! – Vermentino: Mineral, floral and green, made mysterious by unknown origins, our Vermentino is definitely not your typical white. Definitely embodying the cool, appealing yet not fully known scent of Sardinia, it won’t stop creating discussions. Everybody Wants Some from Sharon Maguire pairs magically with it. A movie dominated by youth, idle, innocence, sassiness, coolness and daring, represented by young Texan college students attempting to make their way in life. Shop your Vermentino di Gallura - Garmence Watch Everybody Wants Some!! - Amazon Video

Hail, Caesar! – Rioja: Our Rioja is surely a succulent, fruity and warm wine, shaken by an edgy, spicy twist. Rich, alluring and exuberant, to us, its best movie match surely is Hail, Caesar! by the Cohen brothers. This movie, undeniable in quality, very well narrates the story of the real Eddie Mannix, employed by the MGM in the ‘20s and used by the police to cover celebrities’ unwanted news. Pleasant, substantial, sometimes edgy in its topics, and made sensual by Scarlett Johansson, the experience will be boosted by Rioja! Shop your Rioja - Garmence Watch Hail, Caesar! - Amazon Video

Nice Guys – Pouilly Fumé: This wine is a citrus, smoky and crisp one, and embodies fun, energy and charm. Nice Guys just makes a great match. An “action comedy”, all about fun, adventurous, yet awkward situations of two tough yet incompetent detectives of the 70s, directed by Shane Black and played by the pair Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, make it just our best treat! Shop your Pouilly-Fumé - Garmence Watch Nice Guys - Amazon Video

Blue Jay – Plan de Dieu: Plump red fruits, fullness of body and spices are wisely combined to create an assured, complex and long lasting taste. This alluring and rich wine is a great pleasure combined with the irresistible and heart breaking romance Blue Jay. All about reminding us of the meaning of true love and refund feelings of childhood, this is a movie that makes us feel passion, reassurance and magic. Shop your Plan de Dieu - Garmence

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