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Misunderstood, underestimated... Oh the clichés rosé wine has experienced...! So, because it is so good, most of us actually love it, and we're close to Valentine's Day, let's throw shame on those clichés and impress our lovely guests... No, Rosé is not a mix of red and white wine!

Still shocked? Yes, rosé is an actual wine type!

It comes out by lightly crushing red grapes and leaving them to macerate with their skins. The longer the skins are left sitting in the wine, the darker the colour of the finished rosé and the more it will take on the deeper, more tannic characteristics of a red wine. Consequence is, that paler rosé wines have a relatively delicate flavour, while darker ones are bolder and more robust.

...only exception? Champagne Rosé, which is indeed a mix!

Pink wine is not a summer-only beverage but a winter-friendly one too!

Think rosé in winter is like a fur hat in August? Think again!

Rosé is a wonderfully versatile wine, low in alcohol and with an astonishing pairing ability. For chillier months, choose the more full-bodied versions and the ones with aromas complementing your winter dishes...

The “brosé” thing, not a girly drink but a “crowd-pleaser”

Forget the gendering cliché of the ‘70s, now super stars as Brad Pitt, Mick Jagger, Roger Federer and Jay-Z admit to love rosé wine. Also, Francis Ford Coppola has a rosé production in his winery... So, stop hiding you boy!

Phew, for once in our lives, maybe cheap is also good!

Stuck in the popular belief that because rosé is often cheaper than red and white, its quality can’t be very high?

You naïf :)

Pricing is not always straight-forward with rosé. Even though it is less expensive, it doesn't attest to its quality. Often, it's less expensive because it’s typically a young wine and is also relatively cheap to make.

Dare rosé with food!

Yes you can- bring your rosé to the table with you!

Versatile and medium-flavoured, it has the ability to nicely accompany without being overwhelming. Best matches are fish, crustaceans, raw vegetables, chicken, cheese or even steak...

Don’t judge it by its pink feathers!

The paler, the better?? Leave this one too!!

Clarity in rosé is not an indicator of quality, but instead, helps differentiate lighter flavours, great with delicate food or nibbles, from robust flavours, perfect with more savoury dishes!

Pink? Chic indeed.

Worried that rosé might be horrible social gaffe??

Chill out and taste it freely because this is absolutely not the case in the South of France and recent trends have contradicted the popular beliefs of the ‘70s.

Actually, in the past decade, Rosé has become so shamelessly chic, that it has gained one of the most important festivals in New York City, “La Nuit en Rosé”, and, with increased frequency, some of the finest events are made only on pink bubbles!

Stop flattering him, he's actually an old dude!

And let’s stop with the false idea that rosé is a new born! The first wine in history was rosé. Yes, it was made in Ancient Egypt in the 3rd millennium BC. So, respect for someone who knows better, please!

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