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So we’re in February, and winter still doesn’t seem to want to leave us! Freezing cold, quite dark, we are just getting so used to that cosy laziness...

With our social lives slowly dying, and our body activity dangerously falling to zero, we probably suspect we are on the wrong track...

Here is good news, a fab formula to quickly save our social and physical lives: yoga and wine!

Didn’t think they could really go together, did you? Well, they are incredible soul mates!

So get ready, rise up from your sofa, (no need to take your yoga pants off) you’ve got plans tonight!

Great couple, as only unusual ones are, this growing trend comes directly from California and was created due to the similar aspects these two elements have. What can they possibly have in common? Firstly, both yoga and wine lead to relaxation of the mind. Not only, they both seek hedonism, “a condition of the mind and the body striving to maximise pleasure” in ancient Greek, already widely practiced in those times, involving many techniques including meditation, philosophy, wine and dance. So, nothing too new, except for a great excuse to reunite friends to have some healthy fun... Really, no surprise if this is getting the trend of the moment!

Have a great evening yogi winoes, cheers!!

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