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Do you have a suspect on why are we this proud of promoting this year’s London Fashion Week?? Yes, it’s the celebration of top creativity, top minds, top skills and top materials. And, when all this is reunited and ferments, magic happens!

Garmence promotes whatever is refined, made with top standards, unique, creative, with a contemporary twist.

That’s why the promotion of Joseph at this London Fashion Week came out so naturally. Joseph stands for high quality, uniqueness and timeless style, tailored for the contemporary life.

Here are some highlights about Louise Trotter, the creative mind behind Joseph. Inspirations, lifestyle and more…

- Since taking the creative helm in 2009, Louise Trotter has redefined Joseph and turned it into a go-to brand for luxurious, timeless, yet wearable designs.

How does Joseph answer to a need of quality and comfort required by a contemporary lifestyle?

Louise Trotter has this great approach to women’s fashion that really value both a woman’s aesthetics and her need for comfort and versatility. She uses a great combination of experience, abilities and observation of real-life women.

Prior to this role as creative director for Joseph, she’s worked for brands as Calvin Klein, Jigsaw, Whistles and Tommy Hilfiger, which are very much projected in the creation of comfortable and ready-to-wear fashion, though never compromising top quality. It is obviously a difficult balance to keep for a fashion brand, but she is definitely offering the best version of it!

- Timeless style, elegance and quality often promote the concept of “fewer and better” in opposition to large quantity and low quality items.

How does Louise promote this?

Louise has a passion for authenticity and top quality materials. The collections are made of carefully selected items, each unique in its own way. So surely Joseph is not the type of brand you’d shop in bulk! Louise also values vintage items, for example, she is particularly fond of a 1970 Elsa Peretti silver cuff she was gifted.

- Louise Trotter says in a Vogue interview, Joseph is thought for a woman that doesn’t need labels or trends, but that is confident in her own style. How does Louise see today’s women’s personality and lifestyle?

The woman she designs for is surely a confident and leading one, able to show classic yet unusual items, and that doesn’t like to fit in a label or category.

Her lifestyle demands quality and comfort, since this is the essence of confidence.

- Louise Trotter’s woman type is active, independent, effortlessly classy, elegant and confident.

She also says she loves everyday fashion and often is inspired by people surrounding her, including her friends. In other words very much of a Garmence woman ;)

What is this type of woman’s ordinary night?

Let’s imagine... a Joseph woman would have a busy day routine, filled with appointments and things to get on with. On a casual week day she’d probably take the chance to sit back and relax at home, maybe with a friend, have a healthy yet tasty meal and of course, a good glass of wine. And here what’s better than a Garmence wine…

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