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Wine scares people off. It can make people feel stupid, or at least very self-conscious. The cause ? Their perceived lack of knowledge.

But, is wine really something that needs to be studied before being enjoyed ?

For us, not really, so let’s poke fun to some rules we think it’s time to break.

- Start with a light red wine and move to a white : what we are usually told is that when one were to taste a ton of reds and then switch to tasting whites, often there could be a build-up of tannins (that stuff that dries out your mouth) on the palate, therefore changing how the white wines might taste. But, since we’re not at a formal tasting, we can dare to trigger this rule. Try a few sips of white wine between heavy reds, it’s a great way to add a zip and awaken your palate a bit !

- Have sparkling wine with your main course : There is a popular misconception that Champagne and Prosecco are only useful for raising a toast or washing down the canapés at a wedding. This time, try your Champagne with your shellfish or lightly seasoned chicken. Your guests will be delighted by this nouveauté !

- Drink rosé all year round : Rosé is seemingly the perfect warm-weather drink, refreshingly crisp with a subtle strawberry flavour that pairs beautifully with a picnic of Brie, fruit, and bread. What many don't know is that the flavour profile that makes rosé a summer time hit also lends itself perfectly to winter comfort food, such as fondue, pork, and chocolate desserts. In fact, there are many “in between” dishes that may be too light for a red but a little heavy for a white, and therefore perfect for a rosé. Plus, pink wine is about fun—and that applies 365 days a year ! - Last but not least : Confidence : drink with confidence, use all your senses and remember you are doing it for pleasure & fun :)

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