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It is so great opening a bottle of wine, and everything that comes with it, but the fun doesn’t necessarily have to be over once it is finished. Especially with beautiful bottles, tons of ideas can come up to embellish your space and make it cosier. From indoors, in the living room or dining room, to outdoors in the terrace or garden, there are thousand ways for up-cycling!

We had fun creating some in the office and at home, and here are our best ones:

1) Chic Flower Vases: Beautiful empty bottles are amazing flower vases, they instantly get an elegant and informal look and combine well with flower colours. Perfect for a hint of creativity in living spaces and make flower bouquets personnalized decorations.


2) Wine candles: Shiny candles definitely bright up your indoors and outdoors with an unconventional touch. Ideal for any season, they give a tasteful and warm atmosphere wherever they are placed.


3) Lamps: A throwback lamp out of a beautiful bottle is surely a great way for adding a touch of sophistication and cosiness to a living room. Plus, what a better way for showing your tastes, or reminding a special night...

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