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Champagne: just for special occasions.

Fizzy, fresh yet mysterious, drinking Champagne truly is like drinking stars. Impossible for him to show in less glam occasions?

Really, no. Who doesn’t love a bubbly desert or brunch??

Merlot? Oh no!!!

We get it, Sideways’ character Miles hated Merlot. So what? Despite his unpopularity in the USA in the past century, this grape is one of the most noble, and is present into some of Bordeaux’s most elegant and thrilling wines. Go for it, then!!

Sweet wines equals: for women only

We know, it is a common belief. Real men don’t drink Rosé. Come on.. it is made from the world’s highest quality grapes, and the missing of some colour and tannin won’t make it less manly. Still not convinced?

Well... you don’t know what you are missing then!

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